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For summer 2022, special consideration for refunds will be given for COVID-19-related cancellations. 这些取消和退款要求应以书面形式提交给 kallinp@msnpakistan.com 课程开始前不超过45天. 全额退款, 减去定金, 是否会在课程开始前45-14天内提供. 退款 will not be granted for requests received fewer than 14 days prior to the first day of the program.

否则,所缴付之款项(包括订金)将不获退还及转让. 在紧急情况下,可考虑部分退款, which is defined at the discretion of 暑期项目主任 和 often requires supporting evidence.


Should pt游戏网站 cancel a program for any reason, full refunds will be issued to families.

Discounts must be used at the time of the original enrollment (with the exception of team discounts that require all team members to enroll before the discount is granted). 

折扣可能不会堆积如山. Participants may not use multiple discounts (with the exception of discounts added to the early-bird pricing).


You can receive discounts toward your tuition by inviting other families to join in on the fun! 对于每一个从您的推荐中收到的pt游戏平台夏季项目的新注册, 我们将从您的余额中扣除25美元.

  1. 推荐必须是新注册的全额付费,以获得折扣. 
  2. 当他们注册时,推荐人必须将你列为他们注册的来源.
  3. Siblings 和 other members of a previous camper’s immediate family do not qualify for the referral discount. 
  4. 当使用团队折扣时,推荐折扣无效.

有多个孩子的家庭在第一次报名后每次可获得25美元的优惠. 此折扣将在网上报名时自动生效.

部分项目可享受团体折扣. 折扣金额可能因项目而异. 为了获得折扣,球队的教练必须发送电子邮件 summerprograms@msnpakistan.com 在4月1日之前提交参加项目的团队成员名单. 所有队员必须在同一时段报名.

团队折扣不能添加到任何其他促销优惠, 除了早期定价. 如果参与者现有折扣小于团队折扣, 美塞堡的暑期项目将会带来不同. 如果参与者现有折扣大于团队折扣, the participant will not be eligible to receive the team discount (but will be counted toward the team totals).


我们的资助给了表现出强烈愿望的学生, 高绩效, 经济上需要有机会参加我们的课程. 

下载及填妥 金融援助的应用程序. 你应该在线注册,但不完成注册或支付定金. 如果您有任何问题,请通过电子邮件或电话pt游戏网站的办公室.

一般, 美塞士堡暑期项目有两名参与者, 参与者从来没有自己的房间. 虽然我们尽力尊重每个人的室友要求,但我们不能做出任何保证. 夏令营是pt游戏网站结交新朋友和征服新体验的. The best way to ensure your roommate request is honored is to be sure that you’ve only requested one roommate 和 that the person you requested also requested you.

Please underst和 that we will not change anyone’s room assignment when you arrive 和 registration is occurring. 我们的工作人员将评估情况,并考虑是否可能调动, 我们会在第一个熄灯前帮助露营者搬家.

父母: please speak with your child about the roommate policy before they arrive on campus. This will help them better underst和 和 feel less anxious when they learn they may not be with the person they thought they’d be with. 

当请求, Mercersburg 夏天 项目 will provide complimentary transportation to/from the following locations for those arriving to 和/or departing camp:

  • 灰狗车站(马里兰州黑格斯敦)
  • 美铁车站/灰狗车站(宾夕法尼亚州哈里斯堡)
  • 巴尔的摩华盛顿国际机场
  • 华盛顿杜勒斯国际机场

Information specific to pickup will be emailed directly to participants 和 their families at least one week prior to their arrival or departure. This email will include the pickup or dropoff schedule 和 the name 和 other identifying information of the 工作人员 member assigned to pick up the participant. 它还将包括指定工作人员的联系信息.

如果发生变化, Mercersburg 夏天 项目 will communicate to the participant 和 their family via email. 如果更改是取货或送货的当天, 沟通将通过电话确认提供的联系信息.

Should the traveler not be able to get in touch with their assigned 工作人员 member on the day of travel, 暑期项目主任, 彼得Kallin, 能打电话给我吗 .


露营者, 工作人员, 父母, 客人被禁止使用或持有毒品, 酒精, 烟草, or any drug/烟草 paraphernalia in any form on the pt游戏网站 campus or in pt游戏网站 vehicles. This policy also applies to non-prescription drugs that are not approved by the program 工作人员.

露营者, 父母, 工作人员, 和 guests are asked to park vehicles in designated areas upon arrival. 露营者 are not permitted to drive 和 leave vehicles at pt游戏网站 during their time in a program.

Mercersburg 夏天 项目 are all-inclusive 和 provide the necessary equipment needed for camp. 露营者 are discouraged from bringing 和 using personal sports equipment, arts equipment, 等.

露营者, 父母, 工作人员, 客人不允许携带任何动物参加美塞士堡夏季项目, 除了服务性动物. Other animals that arrive during the drop-off or pickup times must be kept on a leash or in a vehicle.

露营者, 父母, 工作人员, 和 guests are forbidden from having firearms or other weapons on pt游戏网站 property.


去校园和周围的方向, 酒店住宿, 有关该地区的信息可在我们的 访问我们的 page. Feel free to print the campus map 和 bring it with you to serve as your guide on a tour of our beautiful campus.

可以——如果你无法通过在线门户网站用信用卡或借记卡支付的话. Please contact the Office of 夏天 和 External 项目 at to make arrangements to pay by check.

在我们的开幕式上,营员和家长会很快分开, 所以如果你想传授智慧/警告/道别, 我们鼓励你在开幕式开始前这样做.

装箱单可以在我们的第二步中找到 注册page. 别忘了给那些衣服贴上标签! 请仔细检查装箱单,如有任何问题请告诉我们.

露营者不需要带钱到营地,我们没有营地商店或营地银行. 因为很多父母觉得有必要在露营者的口袋里放10美元, 我们允许每节10美元. 我们供应所有的零食, 点心, 还有一点钱可以花在游乐园和棒球赛上. 除了, 如果牙膏, SPF 30, 杀虫剂, 或者其他必需品用得不多, 我们将提供这些项目.

Remember that campers do not make or receive phone calls, except in emergencies/urgent situations. 这有助于我们创造一个独特的氛围,培养独立性. 而且,按照我们的日程安排,他们也不会有太多时间打电话. Telephone calls from home tend to distract campers from the camp program 和 break the momentum of camp, 它们还会引发严重的乡愁. 相反,欢迎您:

  1. Send a postcard before camp starts so that your camper receives it while they are on campus. 这些可以邮寄到[露营者姓名], 负责美塞堡暑期项目, 100年学院开, Mercersburg, PA 17236.
  2. 发送一封电子邮件(主题栏写上你露营者的名字)到 summerprograms@msnpakistan.com. 我们会打印一份邮件给他们.

在夏令营期间,我们希望你能进入我们的办公室和每个项目的负责人. 在您到达之前,您将收到所有重要的联系信息. 当暑期项目开课时,主要的办公线路全天24小时受到监控。.

Please do not hesitate to call (day or night) if you need anything or if there is an urgent message you need to get to us or to a camper. 我们想让父母感到轻松自在, 如果给我们打个电话能缓解你的焦虑, 拿起电话.

We have an ambitious slate set for every program—one designed for fun 和 enrichment—as well as one that fosters self-direction independence, 和责任. 作为我们强调个人关注和发展的一部分, counselors will be focused on the participants 和 will not be available to take phone calls directly. 你可以通过办公室的总线给他们留言, .

除了每节课的开幕日和闭幕日外,我们没有探访日. 除了安全问题和国家法律要求, we believe this policy creates a more cohesive camp community 和 will enhance your child’s experience at Mercersburg.

您可以通过我们的网站来了解美塞士堡暑期项目的进展情况 Instagram 和 脸谱网 page.

Multiple session campers may choose to stay on campus between sessions with a few of our counselors. 住宿费用是250美元. 这个费用包括洗衣费, 校园活动, 星期六有特别活动(电影院), 滑旱冰, 等.),餐. 露营者自己不需要钱,除非他们想购买个人物品.

不,我们希望这些家庭计划在夏令营的第一天就到达. 留宿周末是为那些逗留超过一个疗程的人准备的. 如果您有具体的问题,请pt游戏网站的办公室 summerprograms@msnpakistan.com.

营员不得携带任何食物或饮料入园. 参与者得到足够的食物, 零食, 和饮料, 我们的餐厅提供素食和无麸质食品.

S因为暴露在外的食物和饮料可能意味着不受欢迎的访客, 我们通过问p父母(和其他人)不送食物、糖果等.


If you plan to be at a location with contact information different than what is listed on the enrollment form 和 medical form, 我们需要知道. 如果你要去度假或出差, please provide your contact information on the transportation sheet or forward the dates 和 the contact information to summerprograms@msnpakistan.com. 如果可能的话,我们希望在注册前得到这些信息.

Registration varies from program to program 和 will be sent to enrollees closer to the start of camp.

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